Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions contain the whole of our agreement relating to your hiring, prices and contact details. These terms cannot be varied except when given in writing by Management.

In order to protect your own interests please read our terms and conditions carefully before accepting them. If you want a hard copy of these terms and conditions please use you internet browser facilities to print a copy. If you need clarification on any of the points below please send us an email at team@sevenoakscars.co.uk

Your statutory rights are not affected by our terms and conditions.


Sevenoaks Cars always try to run a reliable service, sometimes cars cannot arrive at the time customer(s) has booked for reasons beyond our control. If your car is running late please contact us on 01732 454544 and we will do our best to tell you why your car is late and advise you approximately the time the car is due to arrive. Sevenoaks Cars will endeavour to book details correctly, however, we will not be held responsible for any misunderstanding during telephone booking between the booking clerk and the customer(s), resulting in late arrival of the vehicle, incorrect vehicle type, or non arrival due to cancelled booking. Sevenoaks Cars will occasionally in rare circumstances sub-contract booking(s) out to other Sevenoaks District LICENSED drivers and operators to ensure the booked journey is completed.

Prices & Payments

All meter prices are regulated by Sevenoaks District Council, any journey(s) discussed, quoted or booked with Sevenoaks Cars may be subject to additional charges, if there's any material change to the original itinerary, number of passengers, type of vehicle(s) required.

Although our vehicles are fully insured for customer(s) or third party claims under British law, all properties are carried entirely at customer(s) own risk and Sevenoaks Cars shall not be held responsible/liable for any loss/damage to such property.

No alcohol is allowed in our vehicles at any time under any circumstances. All alcohol transported must be stowed in exterior luggage compartment. Should a vehicle require valeting due to negligence or alcohol illness a charge will be made of £150 to cover cost of cleaning and subsequent loss of earnings.


In the event of any any complaints should be made in writing by email to info@sevenoakscars.co.uk. We will endeavour to resolve your complaint, however if we are unable to do so you should contact Sevenoaks District Council. Please note that all Sevenoaks Cars Drivers are self-employed and that Sevenoaks Cars act as their agent taking bookings. As such we cannot be held responsible for their personal conduct.

Cancellations & Refunds

You have the right to cancel prepaid credit and debit card bookings up to 6 hours before journey commencement, without giving any reason. Notify us in advance by calling 01732 454544 and we will refund your money within 14 days minus any handling costs.

No refunds will be issued in the case of the booking the wrong date, wrong time, wrong location and/or other incorrect or misleading information, or if the passenger leaves the pick up point without informing us for any reason whatsoever.

Sevenoaks Cars reserve the right to amend, change, delete or add to these T&Cs whenever necessary.
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